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Pet + Nibbles = Pibbles

Pibbles is a project created from a UI course conducted by CalArts. It's a smartphone app for pet owners who needs gourmet pet food for their adorable companions.

It's an app that locates the nearest pet food sellers around your area and can filter their specific needs using your smartphone. Just type in or pick what kind of pet food you are looking for and it will display all available sellers in your area. You can browse, become a seller, exchange, or share (if you made too many) wholesome pet food around your community! 

The Challenge

The challenge is to develop a sketch for an app that focuses on one simple task. I was given 4 ideas and I picked the concept of an app that finds a specific food within a given area.

With the limitations, the app can be tailored to a specific audience. The idea is to create a customized interface with a unique look and feel for a very specific audience, which are pet owners.

UI Design

The first thing that I had to develop was the initial look and feel of the app. I wanted something clean, cute, and familiar–that the user wont feel intimidated when seeing the screens.


So I was thinking for the log in screen and I had to consider the sellers or providers that will be selling the food in the area.

Log in


The course only let us to design 4 screens, so I had to go with the "Shop Nearby" route. Since one of the responsibility of a pet owner is to feed them properly, users will be super careful with the ingredients they will be shopping in the app. I figured that it should be the first thing that the user sets so that once they search for something, it will be automatically filtered based on the user's needs.

Getting Started

(as a shopper)


Since the challenge is to make this app a locator, I had to put a map. Compared to other ordering apps, the purpose of the map is to locate and build a community of pet owners.

Area Search

Tinn Salinas is an experienced multimedia designer with over 5 years in the digital advertising industry.

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