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Timeable is a desktop app created as my project in a UX Design Course by CalArts. In the course, we were asked to find a problem and design a digital product that will give a solution for it.

The Problem

Since most of us transitioned to a work from home setup due to current times, our work desktops aren't equipped with technology that will record our working hours at home.  You used to work in an office and clock in your time using a physical ID or punching your ID number right in the reception area. As an employee, we resort on manual filling of our timesheets which I unfortunately always forget to log my time on the start of my workday. I tried setting up calendar notification, but it doesn’t seem to work since notification just pops in at the bottom or upper right-hand part of my screen and disappears after a couple of minutes. It doesn’t prompt or forces me to do record my time. Having missed timelogs means you have to go through the hassle of manual fillings and approvals, and much worse, not getting paid for the hours you really worked on. This app would hopefully solve my problem because I can’t start any kind of work not until I successfully log my time in.

The Solution

Timeable is a desktop app wherein it pops open as soon as you open your computer and can’t be minimized or closed until you clock/punch in your time for work. There is no sign up mechanics since companies usually give you user credentials which is typically tied in to your machine for security purposes. You can’t sign up to an account until you get your user credentials from your employer.

App Functions

  • It would force you to log in and record your time in as soon as you open your computer.

  • It would gather data of your working hours and can be exported as timesheet reports.

  • It would also have a function to track your tasks, do manual filing, and file for vacation/sick leaves for approval.

  • Would also has a function to see your payslip.

Sample User Profile/Persona

  1. Individual Contributor of a startup company
    Brigitte - 22 years old, female, single, a recent college graduate
    is a junior designer on her first job and her first time encountering a timesheet app.

  2. Supervisor/Manager of 2 years that are tech savvy

  3. Human Resources (HR) who are familiar with timesheet applications

  4. An accountant from finance department who is having difficulty keeping up with the latest tech

With these sample users, I knew that I had to bring something familiar and already working in the process, which are timesheets. The current timesheet system that we are currently using in the company is something that works but not very efficient. We still need to file manually and one of the results is my problem stated in my opening statement.


I mapped it out like as a typical timesheet website app would do to bring a sense of familiarity to the target users.

Content Map.png
Sitemap Coursera.png

Client/Designer Goals

1. Quickly log time and not miss them
2. Easy way to track your shift and calculate accurately for billing and reporting

3. Clean and easy to understand interface for swift onboarding

4. Able to turn off by setting dates when not in use during days off


The Product

Web 1280 – 2.png

Start up

First thing that will pop up once you open your work computer and input your credentials. It can't be minimized unless you click on "Time In" or "Day Off".


The timesheet app automatically runs the time once you successfully clock in.

Landing Page


Side menu wherein you can access your employee information and other tools.

You can also pause your time by toggling "Take a break" button.


Other Screens

Tinn Salinas is an experienced multimedia designer with over 5 years in the digital advertising industry.

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