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VSP Playbook

VSP Playbook: Intranet and Training Portal

VSP Playbook is an intranet site and training portal intended to give hires a seamless onboarding experience.

The intranet hub is a portal of company information serving the entire team whether you are a new hire, a tenured contributor, or a training manager.


The Challenge

During the Covid pandemic our team saw a lot of turnover and transitions. Time spent onboarding and training new staff became overwhelming and difficult via telework. To combat this issue I was tasked with creating an intranet and training portal for our team. Lack of budget led me to use our existing Google Workspace tools.

VSP Playbook-stickynotes.png

Design System

Utilizing Google site's UI tools, I established a design system and a theme to maintain the look and feel across all pages.


Our Goals

  1. House all employee-related documents and materials.

  2. Reduce training/onboarding hours by 50% and increase team productivity and corporate transparency.

  3. Make onboarding straightforward and east for new hires.

  4. Share our systems, philosophy, and materials with our business partners.

  5. Provide a framework and design system for future updates.


Home Page

training page.png

The purpose of this playbook is to provide a guide for new hires on their first day so the onboarding prompts the user to start training or meeting the team. The intranet serves as a library of company forms, policies, and information.

Training Portal Page

The training portal includes roadmaps categorized by job title allowing employees to choose their own educational journey. Each have classes that they can enroll to where they can submit their work and have their training started. There's also a form that the trainee needs to fill up first to have them registered in our directory.

attendance policy page.png
article page.png

Article Pages and Document Bank

There are also helpful article pages available for recurring visitors and tenured team members that they can refer to and help them with their personal development.


Of course, we can't forget the documents library for managers and business partners for everyday reference and to showcase our hard work!

Tinn Salinas is an experienced multimedia designer with over 5 years in the digital advertising industry.

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